Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Plans!

We may be a day late but if you are a dollar short you are no longer up a creek.  Istockhouseplans is proud to introduce our first free plan.  Now granted you probably couldn't live in it but it does at least provide some quiet space for you to work, read, meditate, or pursue a hobby.  Named for a defunct station on the old Springwater Railroad Line, the Bell 66 is small and could be a ticket booth as well.  Post office?  Dry goods?  Vault?  Almost too many options.

Plans can be downloaded directly from our website in 11x17 pdf format.  Full wall framing details are included.  Some cut lists and guides should help even the most ham-handed builder to at least kludge together a reasonable facsimile in a weekend or two.  You may notice on the plans that the wall studs are 2x3 @ 24" o.c.  The obvious reason should be in order to increase the usable space as much as possible.  If you were really creative you could use 2x2 framing.  Our suggestion would be to tack a 2x2 onto a 2x4 for the corners.  Maybe you could even consider 1" plywood edge screwed to each other but then you lose insulation and effective window installation.

"Are these plans really free?  What's the catch?  Will you harvest my IP data and spam me?"  We may look at your IP data but our only motive is to encourage you to visit our site and see what other great stuff we have to offer as well.  We also plan on releasing some other small free plans over the next several months.  Something you'd like to see in the 100sf and less range?  Let us know and we'll do something with it!

Built this?  Link to your picture in the comments and share with us!

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