Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Plans part 3

More free than you can shake a stud at!  The third of our free plans, the Watson 88 has been released into the public.  The Watson is a simple 8'x8' building that anybody could build in a week.  We've kept the 2x3 wall studs but 2x4 would be perfectly appropriate at this point.  Some gridded windows and a small front porch create an appeal that's hard to pass up.  The uses for this building are as vast as your imagination.  At this size we're bordering on the edge of playhouse and small house.  Istockhouseplans has two more basic sizes to offer and... oh shoot, there's only one Tuesday left in August.  I guess our back to school special includes our flagship free plan.

We better get cracking.  In the meantime download the plans, build the shed, and give us your feedback.  Maybe we should have a contest with the most innovative use of materials in one of our sheds...

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