Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Sketchy

A while back we mentioned some of the tools in our technological toolbelt.  One of these is SketchUp by Google.  Recently we have been going gung ho with this tidy little program and creating some masterpieces.  We took our Arleta A 2850A and gave it a little treatment of realism.  It's hard to get across the beautiful images in our head in two black and white dimensions or with myriads of text.  Crown molding, craftsman window trim and wainscot look so much better in three colored dimensions.  We'll be giving more of our plans this treatment in the future and doing walk-throughs as well.  But in the meantime as you wait with bated breath, here are some sneak previews:

Bird's eye view

Welcoming entry

Decked out parlor
Stay tuned for more!

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