Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Istockhouseplans Gets Greener

As more and more companies are beginning to do a life cycle analysis of their products, Istockhouseplans feels that this is a worthwhile study to pursue.  Generally we will send you a half dozen sets of plans.  Most of those will go to the permitting jurisdiction for approval; some of those you will give out to subs to do their work.  What's left is a few sets around the jobsite that get muddy, or a couple extra sets that get stuck under the seat of your F-350.  We've compiled this list of how you can safely, humanely, and environmentally end the life of those plans.
  • Recycle them in the paper bin.  Duh.
  • Ship them back to us for proper disposal.
  • Shred them for landscaping mulch.
  • Shred them for attic insulation.
  • Shred them for party confetti.
  • Sweep up your wood dust and roll it up into a set of plans.  Smash the ends in and leave a few next to the woodstove or outdoor fireplace for the new homeowner to burn.
  • If you have a nice set leftover, present them to the homeowner.  Possibly even in a frame.  Or take the time to mount them over the fireplace yourself.  Build the frame out of scrap wood from the site.
  • If a set gets too muddy to use, wrinkle it up good, re-flatten it and set it in front of an exterior door for a shoe mat.
  • Cut strips to use if you run out of drywall tape.
  • Separate the sheets and fold them into origami for the children who are pressing their faces into your cyclone fence.
  • Let your kids color the elevations.
  • Use the backs as large blank sheets for your kids to color on.
  • Make holiday cards for your subs/supers/suppliers using the elevations or details as the front picture.

Other ideas?  Please feel free to share in the comments.  Want to employ some of these ideas yourself?  Visit our plan catalog and purchase your own set.

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