Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beneath the Maple Tree

It's been a while since Istockhouseplans has released a new plan.  Part of that is not feeling that what comes up is good enough for inclusion.  Then there's the whole bit about keeping with our new model of smaller homes.  To fill the void, we've let inspiration take hold.  A railroad building at Union Station in Portland, Oregon gave us inspiration for a multi-use building.  The structure is about 16x24', two stories and bricked out.  We thought this would make a great garage model and ran with it.  The Maple Garage G201 was born.  The building is 16x24 of garage (or shop) below.  The upstairs is 384sf of office, studio, or apartment.  The bathroom is only a half bath and the kitchen only denotes a sink.  However you are not strictly limited to what our drawings represent.  Were you to want to use the upstairs as a true living quarters, the bathroom could increase a touch and the kitchen be further decked in appliances.  The stairs are on the outside of the building which allows for true separation of uses.  Got a piece of land to squat?  Consider planting a Maple and grow from there!

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