Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can You Spot the Difference?

There are a strain of tiny trailer builders who attempt to create a dwelling that looks very much like a house.  Jay Shafer at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses is probably the most famous progenitor of this style.  His tiny trailer houses are employed most commonly as travel trailers and ADUs among other uses.  So we thought, what would it take to convert one of our full size plans to a travel trailer?

So there's some artistic license and maybe we didn't quite nail it but it was fun to convert one of our 800sf ADUs to an 84sf trailer.  Full dimensions are 7x12' with a 6' plate height.  Total height is around 11' from the ground to the peak of the roof.  2x3 wall construction allows for a cross-wise elevated bed in the back with a closet or low couch underneath.  One wall would contain a small counter and kitchenette.  Not quite the same layout as the Tumbleweed XS-House, but also about 21" less in height.

Check Dragonfly Trailers for progress of builds.

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