Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why we do what we do

We recently sold a plan and wanted to share the kudos we received.  As we've mentioned before, we don't market plans to the masses.  This isn't about rolling over to make a buck.  This is about holding to a standard and doing it well.  We got some new wind under our wings, coal in our tender, lead in our pencils.

Or something.  Anyway, here's the email we received:

"My husband and I are building the home ourselves next summer on a beautiful coulee in North Dakota.  If you are ever in the state - stop by.  I spent days searching for a house plan that was economical to build, timeless and beautiful.  Glad we found it!"

Thanks!  That about sums up our entire business philosophy, mentioned in our very first blog post.  Check out Istockhouseplans for a catalog full of plans that fit this description.

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