Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hello everybody! (Hello, Dr. Nick!) We missed our normal Tuesday blog due to sickness, but we're feeling well enough to make a go of it today. Whatever happened to the long expected Creston series based on our Courtyard Design? Well here's the deal. We just aren't thrilled with the look of the plans. They look fully like new homes doing an architectural nod. We could doll them up a bit, I suppose, but they just aren't striking us right now. Our goal before that is to finish the working plans for their predecessor, the original Creston. However, our first priority is to offer slab and basement foundations for as much of our existing stock as we can right now. We've begun in numerical order and the Lombard 1558 now has complete sets of plans for four foundation types. Lombard-2 shouldn't be far behind.

That's all the news from the past two weeks. To get the most recent updates you should mark istockhouseplans as your homepage and check it everyday. Or twice a day!

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