Friday, November 16, 2007

Portland Courtyard Competition

Wow, Tuesday came quickly this week! Okay, it didn't really, but we had to insert a quick note about Portland Oregon's Courtyard Housing Design Competition. We didn't win. Yeah, big frowny face. However we take consolation in the fact that the first place winner's design was a spitting image of ours. Six units, two stories, same relation of space, same use of space, but smaller units. They also used the same green concepts as we did such as onsite water rentention/use and solar panels. Not to be bitter by any means, but we certainly wouldn't want to live near the winner's units. Why? One reason only; they don't fit into the fabric of the old neighborhoods. The designer hails from Santa Barbara and his design reflects that. Quite frankly, flat roofs and carports are not the way to go in the rainy Rose City. That and the units are neo-modern boxes. (Second and third place winners went further and further down the box road. NIMBY anyone?) We tried to be sensitive to the older neighborhoods in matching design styles and scale.

But we still have a chance at national recognition. You can vote for us in the people's choice award by visiting the website, clicking the vote button, and entering 125 into the first box. If we do win, we will offer an ultra low price on purchasing the design to encourage its building.

See you on Tuesday!

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