Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Efficiency by Design - Logistics

Of course, good design and material optimization are important but there's a third leg to stabilize the whole thing. Optimizing materials on paper is no good if the notes aren't followed in the field. You could create a precise cut chart that gets all but ignored unless your site is set up to accommodate the extra steps.

Of course you don't want it to FEEL like extra steps because the process will be ignored. Instead an existing step gets broken down into a simple process to make the whole site easier to manage.

What happens with off cuts and waste material? Likely it gets thrown into a big pile out in the mud and rain. Since most houses are built with 2 car garages, use that space. Inside that covered area designate several simple areas. One is for sheet goods, likely plywood or OSB. Another is for lumber scraps that are longer than 3'. A third for scraps that are shorter than 3'. Then a separate area for metal and fasteners. Why do this?

First, your framing crew may be using scraps already but they might be digging through the pile. Having to take time to dig through the pile could be discouraging when the boss is yelling to hurry it up. Much easier to grab a fresh piece of wood off of the pallets. But if the scraps are organized, it's pretty easy to hit the 3'+ lumber pile and find a long enough piece for a jack stud.

Second, the scraps will be better protected from the elements in the garage. Installing wet wood that will soon be covered with drywall is just asking for a callback. If that wood doesn't get dry enough it can host mold spores that will spread inside the wall. Don't risk this. Are buckets of nails and hangers kept out of the rain where they could rust? Otherwise it's money down the drain.

Third, costs are reduced. If you get to the point where you are buying 103% of the wood needed to build instead of 110%, how much could you save? Could you get it down to 101%? Good design is needed to help this out but good materials management is the obvious next step.

Efficiency by Design can help with not just the design of your home but the site management as well. Download these free posters to help organize your jobsite. For optimization of your existing designs, simply begin the conversation with an email or phone call. We'll handle the rest.

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