Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Point Oh!

First off, we apologize in neglecting this blog for the past several months.  The promised new website has run into more roadblocks than expected.  However everything seems to be agreeing with one another now.  We still have a few multi-family and garage plans to add yet.  And we have a couple of new plans as well, as mentioned.

The biggest change has been moving away from GoDaddy's hosting service and revamping the plans catalog to be more searchable by feature.  Granted you can't pinpoint a plan that is 4000 square feet with 5 bathrooms (wouldn't be one of ours anyway).  But with the exclusive number of fine plans we offer a single search term will narrow the plans down to a reasonable number.  You might even find something unexpected!

Please take a few minutes and let us know what could be improved.  While the new site is highly functional, we are certainly open to more functionality and ease of operation.