Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Timing is Everything

Just last week we laid own our intentions to follow a dream of building tiny trailers.  This week came the opportunity to bring the plan to fruition!  We entered into the Dockers Wear the Pants Project.  We could have a chance to win $100,000 to get our plan off the ground.  This would be enough to rent some warehouse space, purchase trailers and materials, and get some rolling stock created.  The mind is just swirling with ideas!

Vote for our entry daily at http://apps.facebook.com/dockerswearthepants/entries/14591

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Century Post!

Congratulations to us for our 100th post.  Our first post was in June 2007, 3 years, 7 and one half months ago.  At the time we wondered how we might fill up bandwidth with meaningful discussions.  Maybe it hasn't been 100% quality but we're still looking for that sweet spot anyway.

So what do we have to say for ourselves?  Well first of all receipts have been low.  We attribute this to the economy.  Second, we have found a groove regarding small homes and intend to stick with it.  We have one more large home design that is almost done.  We will release that beast and then focus most of our drafting efforts towards 1500sf homes and under.  All the charm with 1/3 less fat.  And finally we have decided to branch out and use our hands for additional uses.

With T-squares in one hand and hammers in the other, we will begin designing and building tiny travel trailers for sale.  We have become so obsessed with tiny living spaces that we just have to try some out.  Possibilities include vardos, teardrops, canned hams, etc.  Maximum size is about 7'x12'.  We considered mimicking Tumbleweed Tiny Homes but want less house-y looking for now.  We want you to be able to tow one of these behind your station wagon and park it in the garage, not have it sitting on a parking pad behind your F-350.

The goal is to begin building by March 1st and have it ready for camping by June 1st.  We'll post updates as we go so that the tiny travel trailer community can share in whatever ideas we have to offer.  If you are interested in being the owner of our first 4'x8' ledge vardo prototype, contact us and we'll customize it for you.  Amenities include sleeping for 2, tiny pullout table, 12V wiring and stationary 120V hookup, and fully insulated to R-10.  We plan on a craftsman sort of aesthetic but if you get in early enough you can have a say in paint colors or take delivery (and a price reduction) of a primed trailer ready for your artistic eye.

Happy trailers and here's hoping we get hitched soon!