Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where oh where has my little time gone?

Yes, what precious little time. If you actually do keep track of such things you may notice that it has been a whopping six weeks since our last update. Unfortunately, life got in the way and our time went by the wayside. We have much better excuses than last time though. This time the dog ate my keyboard. No really! But we did have a day-job change from architecture to energy-efficiency. Now instead of wasting our time drawing plans, we can waste our time on energy-efficient plans! True, we already offer optional details for the green in you, but now we'll be learning so much more. We may actually have a speaking engagement for training purposes at a location near you! We also had a new baby come on board. We've been trying to teach junior to do the blog for us but when you can barely hold your own head up it's kind of hard to see what you're typing. Maybe we need to give it another couple weeks.

Back to green for a moment. We've had some feedback from builders that they don't build green because it's too hard. Sure, if tying your own shoe is too hard Mr. Velcro. You just don't like change. We've heard some pretty preposterous myths out there about code issues, costs, availability of materials; the list goes on. It sounds like laziness, but our job is not to change you, just to educate. Our next blog will feature a smattering of these myths and our smackdown as we dispel them into oblivion.

Also don't forget that through the end of June all plan sales at istockhouseplans will be donated to charity to be used in building a school in Mexico.

See you in May.