Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Plans part 4

As we wrap up August and the month of free, we offer one more plan for your enjoyment.  Last week we promised two new plans but the dog ate part of our homework.  So we're left with one final flagship plan to introduce.

The Ramapo is 12' long and 8' deep covering 96sf.  It sports a single shed roof with clerestory windows on the tall wall.  This was originally designed as a bunkhouse for a rural property.  It's big enough to get a bed and bathroomette and closet in.  Or loft the bed and increase the floor space.

This may be the last of the free blitzkrieg for a while but it won't be the last of the free plans forever.  There are a few variants on the current plans that we would like to add, plus some new ideas.  In the meantime we need to attend to some other business.  If you have a particular idea that you would like to see, post it here or send it to us and we'd be happy to give it a go.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Plans part 3

More free than you can shake a stud at!  The third of our free plans, the Watson 88 has been released into the public.  The Watson is a simple 8'x8' building that anybody could build in a week.  We've kept the 2x3 wall studs but 2x4 would be perfectly appropriate at this point.  Some gridded windows and a small front porch create an appeal that's hard to pass up.  The uses for this building are as vast as your imagination.  At this size we're bordering on the edge of playhouse and small house.  Istockhouseplans has two more basic sizes to offer and... oh shoot, there's only one Tuesday left in August.  I guess our back to school special includes our flagship free plan.

We better get cracking.  In the meantime download the plans, build the shed, and give us your feedback.  Maybe we should have a contest with the most innovative use of materials in one of our sheds...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Plans part 2

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to our new free plans.  We've added another to our portfolio and are thrilled to share with you.

Following the theme of defunct stops on the Springwater Trolley line in Portland, the Kendall 84 is named for the stop that was at 82nd Avenue.  This is similar to the Bell 66 we launched prior except that this is in a more expected straight line format rather than an L shape.  More like a backhoe loader, if you will.  In fact that gives us another idea for decorating the structure.  Lose the porch, slope the roof from left to right and add some extra wood to the front and back.  Paint it all yellow and be the dirt digger you always wanted to be, all from the comfort of your 5-point office chair with lumbar support.

As long as our hosting provider doesn't freeze up again, we hope to release one more each for the remaining Tuesdays in August.  Expect two more free plans from us and then more sporadically through the rest of the year.

Built this?  Link to your picture in the comments and share with us!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Plans!

We may be a day late but if you are a dollar short you are no longer up a creek.  Istockhouseplans is proud to introduce our first free plan.  Now granted you probably couldn't live in it but it does at least provide some quiet space for you to work, read, meditate, or pursue a hobby.  Named for a defunct station on the old Springwater Railroad Line, the Bell 66 is small and could be a ticket booth as well.  Post office?  Dry goods?  Vault?  Almost too many options.

Plans can be downloaded directly from our website in 11x17 pdf format.  Full wall framing details are included.  Some cut lists and guides should help even the most ham-handed builder to at least kludge together a reasonable facsimile in a weekend or two.  You may notice on the plans that the wall studs are 2x3 @ 24" o.c.  The obvious reason should be in order to increase the usable space as much as possible.  If you were really creative you could use 2x2 framing.  Our suggestion would be to tack a 2x2 onto a 2x4 for the corners.  Maybe you could even consider 1" plywood edge screwed to each other but then you lose insulation and effective window installation.

"Are these plans really free?  What's the catch?  Will you harvest my IP data and spam me?"  We may look at your IP data but our only motive is to encourage you to visit our site and see what other great stuff we have to offer as well.  We also plan on releasing some other small free plans over the next several months.  Something you'd like to see in the 100sf and less range?  Let us know and we'll do something with it!

Built this?  Link to your picture in the comments and share with us!