Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Efficiency by Design - Introduction

We spent some time harping on material optimization a few years back. Touted as advanced framing, there was some push back on implementation. Framers get stuck in a rut, get used to a way of doing something, have a feeeeling that something performs better. Meanwhile, we designers sit behind our computers with our soft, smooth hands crunching numbers and telling you what to install. Your experience might differ from our callouts. And that's okay.

But since that time we've honed our razor to an even sharper edge. We've done away with the concept of advanced framing and developed a system known as Efficiency by Design. What's so efficient about it? Pop quiz, what would you rather save on most: material cost, labor costs, or loan interest?

How about all three! Istockhouseplans has scoured the code book looking for the most efficient way to build a house. We can save you money, materials AND time. We can do it without any extra effort on your part. How do we do this? Read on to find out or just scroll to the bottom to find out how to take advantage of this service.

All we need from you is a set of plans that you want us to optimize. For bonus points, tell us where the house is currently being built and we'll walk through to see the kind of work your framing crew does. Then we'll sit down with a pot of coffee and a sharp pencil finding all the ways to eliminate materials (which equal time and money). When we're done you'll get a big stack of papers.

The first thing you'll receive is a detailed cost effectiveness worksheet line iteming every place where we see need for improvement. You can use this to see what fits your business model, what would make the most impact, and how the code supports our findings. Or give it to your construction manager or financier.

The second thing you'll receive is a more complete seven to eight page report describing in more detail how to implement each strategy.

Third is where the fun begins. You'll get detailed framing layouts for the walls and any improved layouts for floors. These will tell your crew where every stick should go so there will be no question.

Still questions? Not a problem. We'll provide a set of additional details that can be left on site to make sure that, say, the ladder framing is understood and done correctly. If you want we'll even laminate them for you so they'll last for years. Or have the pdf version on your smart phone so you can show framers on site or forward to them.

In many cases we'll be able to eliminate beams. Less beams means less lumber, less connectors, less labor to install them. How can we do this!? Most of the time the beam is a perimeter header that is oversized or even unnecessary. We'll go into a little more detail in a future post. Since the plans examiners may be wary, we'll include a packet of beam calcs to prove our point. Turn them in for your permit.

Finally you'll get our focused support for your project. We can come out to your site and spend as long as need be to educate the framers and any other subs on what needs to be done to save money. We can bring out pre-built models to have on site for reference. Heck we'll even pound a few nails to create a visible example.

How to start saving money today

Simply begin the conversation with an email or phone call. We'll handle the rest.

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